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BẢNG GIÁ trọn gói – uy tín hàng đầu 

Tiết Kiệm - 1,600,000 Đ
GIÁ GỐC : 2.500.000 VNĐ
1 Giao diện web trung bình
Tặng 1 tên miền .com .net

Tặng Host 1000MB ổ cứng SSD

Tặng thiết kế 1 logo, 1 banner
Tương thích mọi thiết bị di động
Tối ưu SEO trên Google

Thiết kế gói cơ bản + 20 bài nội dung

Dựng web trong 1 ngày
Hướng dẫn và bảo hành vĩnh viễn

Gói web theo form cơ bản hoặc form web có sẵn trung bình

Đăng ký
Khởi Nghiệp - 2.500.000 Đ
GIÁ GỐC : 3.500.000 VNĐ
1 Giao diện web theo yêu cầu
Tặng 1 tên miền .com .net

Tặng Host 1500MB ổ cứng SSD

Xài host 1000MB GIẢM 250.000 VNĐ

Tặng thiết kế 1 logo, 3 banner
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Thiết kế theo yêu cầu
+ Nhập 100 bài nội dung cho web

Dựng web từ 3-5 ngày
Hướng dẫn và bảo hành vĩnh viễn

Gói web làm theo yêu cầu và viết bài giúp khách hàng nội dung

Đăng ký
Cao Cấp - 3.400.000 Đ
GIÁ GỐC 5.000.000 VNĐ
1 Giao diện web yêu cầu cao cấp
Tặng 1 tên miền .com .net

Tặng Host 2500MB ổ cứng SSD

Tặng thiết kế toàn bộ hình ảnh
Tương thích mọi thiết bị di động
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Thiết kế theo yêu cầu cao cấp + Làm tất cả nội dung website

Dựng web từ 3 -5 ngày
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Gói làm trọn gói tất cả nội dung + chạy quảng cáo lên Google 3 ngày

Đăng ký


Quý khách để lại số Điện Thoại để được tư vấn miễn phí ( Zalo )


Chúng tôi luôn sẵn sàng phục vụ và hỗ trợ quý khách hàng tối đa nhất

Bằng sự nhiệt huyết, lòng tận tâm kiến tạo giá trị bền lâu




Những website do Thái Bình web làm ra mang lại hiệu quả và khách hàng được phục vụ tận tình, cảm thấy hài lòng đó là mục tiêu mà tất cả đội ngũ của Thái Bình web hướng đến. Những lời nhận xét của khách hàng là động lực để chúng tôi nâng cao chất lượng dịch vụ hơn và làm hài lòng khách hàng hơn nữa!

Mấy năm nay tôi sử dụng Hosting tại đây và rất yên tâm, Thái Bình web có nhiều chính sách chăm sóc khách hàng rất tốt, giá cả hợp lý.

Hồ Quang Tuấn / Ceo

Điểm 10 cho thái độ chăm sóc khách hàng của các bạn. Tôi sẽ tiếp tục ủng hộ và giới thiệu bạn bè sử dụng dịch vụ.

Quang Sáng / Ceo


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The Nintendo GameCube released in Japan in September 2001 as well as a number of months later on in The United States and Canada. Unlucky Europeans would not obtain their hands on it until the listed here year, nevertheless the delay deserved it for amongst the best-looking computer game gaming consoles of all time. The NGC (sorry, GCN) is an appealing, mobile product of package.

Staying clear of the jack-of-all-trades directions of its contemporaries, the console concentrated on doing simply one point well: playing games. Its striking indigo colour, massive sturdy 'A' switch, charming little discs and infamous lug manage eventually worked against it in an era of smooth, all-in-one multimedia devices, yet it was an efficient little box of methods that played host to a spectacular collection of video games. This was the last time Nintendo placed itself in straight competitors with Sony as well as additionally Microsoft in pure spec terms before changing tack with the Wii.

We asked Nintendo Life site visitors to rate their favourite GameCube video games, along with the end result is the listing of 50 computer game you see listed below. The ranking is developed totally from each computer game's user score in the Nintendo Life Games data resource. Nevertheless, unlike various other fixed listings, this regularly development to show scores from Nintendo Life individuals, so you can still participate.

We have really done this for a broadening variety of Nintendo consoles, so if you're interested make sure to take a look at the very best Nintendo DS video games, the most effective 3DS computer game, the absolute best Computer game Kid video games and likewise the most effective Switch over games – each one a fluid listing that can alter with time. Try rating the games in them, too!

Super Mario Strikers

Mario and also his remarkable buddies have dominated sporting activities like tennis, golf, basketball, along with baseball for several years, always in the spirit of positive rivals. That all modified when the Mushroom Kingdom gamers got in the football pitch, as they tackled a lot more intensity and likewise aggressiveness than we 'd ever seen.

It's unusual sufficient to see Mario grit his teeth, let alone brutishly push Peach into an invigorated wall surface. That challenging exterior made Strikers stick out from the remainder of Mario's sports discography, though the fascinating gameplay fit nicely with the collection' customized of inclusive video clip pc gaming. If you desired football mixed in with random violence, this was your best choice on the Cube.

Skies of Arcadia Legends

Skies of Arcadia reigns as one of the premier Dreamcast RPGs. You'll promptly fall for Vyse and also his Blue Rogues as they battle the wicked Valuan Realm. Sega, after the Dreamcast unfortunately stumbled, chose to port this superb first-party RPG to the GameCube, re-dubbing it as Skies of Arcadia Legends.

The outstanding dungeon battles are undamaged, the exploration system still functions (currently with much more finding!), as well as the battle system made it, basically unblemished. Legends coincides game Dreamcast proprietors loved, just with some tiny new elements in addition to a fresh layer of paint. Any RPG fan that missed out on Skies of Arcadia the extremely very first time round no more has any type of reason to pass this port up.


In a time when shoot- 'em- ups no more suggested a factor, to see one so spectacular and so intoxicatingly vibrant related to video gaming consoles was a real success. The video game's concentrate on duality gives your ship its 2 unique colours (black and also white). One colour can take in like-coloured bullets and conserve them for your extremely own screen-clearing attack, however the numerous other can deal double problems to enemies of in contrast colour.

All of it comes down to a flurry of black and white pellets flying throughout the screen in an apparently unpreventable craze of action. When it's done in movement, your eyes will glaze over as well as likewise raw reaction takes control of. For those viewing from afar, Ikaruga resembles a thing of moving art. It actually is that superior. Regretfully, the video game barely made a sprinkle when it was released, yet its practice resides on as a downloadable. Despite reduced sales and also even reduced understanding, those well-informed will absolutely secure the title and also its even more unusual Sega Saturn sibling, Radiant Silvergun, as the optimals of twitchy shooter madness.

Fire Sign: Course of Luster

The Fire Sign collection is perhaps one of the most details niche long-running Nintendo franchise readily available, with the turn-based RPG having actually been around taking into consideration that the Japanese version of the NES, the Famicom. It felt like it would absolutely never ever relate to America, yet thanks to the allure of Fire Emblem personalities that showed up in Ko Bros., it was provided an opportunity internationally. As well as it offered western players particularly what Japanese fans had actually taken pleasure in for many years, even if numerous US GameCube owners weren't as thrilled.

The turn-based, stat-heavy action really did not look also outstanding likewise at the time, with the grid map as well as little characters. The bright side is it actually did not call for to, as the standard method gameplay was as routine forming after that as it regularly has actually been. As well as it behaved to see a Nintendo video game that truly did not hinge on the gamer, with high trouble and likewise irreparable team member casualty. For those that troubled to locate it, they'll always remember it.

Mario Kart: Twin Dashboard

Double Dash actually did not transform the Mario Kart franchise business like lots of desired it would certainly, yet the renovations right here exceed surface deep. The personality and also vehicle selection is huge, the new tools are correctly crazy matches to returning classics, and likewise the tracks themselves have actually never been this varied. Wario Colosseum is such a thoroughly twisty traveler event that it's just two laps long, while Child Park is so straightforward in its round-and-round madness that it asks for seven.

Certainly, the multiplayer is what counts, which's where Dual Dashboard obtains imaginative. Two players can handle a solitary kart throughout races, with one managing all the driving as well as the various other dispensing all the power-up penalty. It might be the best team-bonding exercise in video game background. Besides, what various other strained, emotion-fueled multiplayer can influence exclamations like "Use the golden mushroom, damn you, use it presently!" or "Divine crap, keep an eye out for that banana peel!"? After seeing the series' fall back since, this is still the secret favourite for many Kart fans.

Super Ape Sphere

Some ideas are so certainly excellent that, in memory, it seems like they have actually frequently been with us. Among the absolute best launch titles for the GameCube was Super Ape Round , and also it was a whole lot enjoyable that it made immediate extend of virtually everyone. The arrangement is basic: You've obtained a sphere, with an ape in it. The degrees are puzzles built of systems; if you reduce, you pass away. If you make it throughout of the puzzle, you win. Instead of managing the ape, you turn the globe.

The aspect Super Ape Sphere rocks is to the labyrinth design being outstanding as well as the control and additionally physics being basically exceptional. It's evidence favorable that you do not require a tip that makes a heck of a great deal of feeling if you can place it together optimal. Furthermore, charming monkeys make anything much better.